Dorset Buttons & Wool by Tania Ashton Jones | TJFrog

Brought up in Dorset Tania Ashton Jones designs, makes and teaches the heritage craft of Dorset Buttons. Inspired by traditional techniques Tania handmakes beautiful contemporary buttons, accessories, jewellery and kits while her unique Dorset Button fabric is made into bags. The TJFrog Shorelines & Strata wool includes local Cheviot, Poll Dorset and Hebridean mix and Rare Breeds Dorset Horn, Dorset Down and Portland.

Tania’s work is available online and at yarn festivals throughout the UK. See events on the TJFrog website for dates.

Contact Tania to view her work, discuss commissions or to arrange a workshop.

TJFrog Dorset Button Brooch Kit
TJFrog Dorset Button Earrings Brooches
TJFrog Dorset Button Bracelet Kit
TJFrog Bags with Dorset Button Fabric
TJFrog wool
TJFrog Dorset Down Wool
TJFrog Dorset Button Stitch Markers